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Choose a date....Quick!

4th September 2015

There are some great things about reports in FuseMetrix; consistency of report format and style being just one, regardless of what part of the system you are in. Whether you are in Finance, or CRM, or Manufacturing, reports will look similar, making it easy to assimilate sometimes complicated information easily and quickly.

There is a consistency of style about how you choose the information your report requires as well. Choosing what your report containsOne of the great things about FuseMetrix reportsWhere necessary, every report in FuseMetrix has a date picker - this gives you total control over the period on which you want the report run.

To make this process even quicker, we have added some new options that enable you to choose the date/s with just one click.

In any report with a date picker, you will now see some extra links, like this:

and the genius is, they are totally context-sensitive, so as you choose the time period, the options change as well. 

Here, because we have chosen "Over a month", the date picker shows "last month/this month/next month"

Give it a try, and let us know what you think...