FuseMetrix Group

Email Preview launched

11th August 2015

FuseMetrix's email client doesn't always look like other email clients, and it doesn't always work like other email clients; it is designed to be simple, light, focussed and efficient - but of course we are always willing to listen to our customers about changes and enhancements that would improve it.

One of the most requested features is the ablity to have a preview pane - some people love it, and some people never use it, but we do get requests for it... and so here it is, Email Preview has arrived!

We have tried to keep the process as simple and efficient as the rest of the email client, and of course you have the choice of not using it at all if you don't want to.

The preview pane is driven from a simple button on the email screen.

With preview off, this is the button you will see:

Pressing the one button repeatedly cycles through your choice of three alternative views: when the preview is off and you can see the list of emails across the screen, you will see the button above. Press the "Show preview" button and the default preview will appear. This is the screen split left and right, with the preview on the right.

The button will change to "Top/bottom preview". If you press it this time, the view will change to show the preview at the bottom of the screen, underneath the email listing
In both preview screens, you can vary the size of the two panes by moving the central bar between them.

We hope you enjoy this added flexibility, and any suggestions as to how we can improve it are always welcome!