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FuseMetrix Provides a Competitive Edge to a Traditional Service

23rd May 2017

Connolly Accountants are one of the most dominant, progressive practices in their region. Unlike many other professional service providers, they innovate to deliver a service quality and level that surpasses their competitors.

Customer benefits at a glance

  • Improved management efficiency and business control
  • Provides a higher level of security and availability throughout the IT infrastructure
  • Dramatically improved productivity
  • Provided a competitive edge to professional service delivery
  • Employees and customers found it easy to use
  • Frequently and regularly entirely backed up
  • Increased information availability and improved access
  • Provided a holistic view of the business, and the progress of each client
  • Reduced business risk
  • Increased transparency and made the business easy to audit
  • Simplified infrastructure which made it easier for the business to take on new initiatives
  • Facilitated greater collaboration between colleagues and customers
  • Increased efficiency, enhancing staff morale and job satisfaction

The challenge

Connolly Accountants were looking for powerful technology that would help them deliver an exceptional service, giving them more of a competitive edge.

Providing accounting, bookkeeping and business advisory services means that customer information and service delivery quickly become incredibly complex. At this time, Connolly Accountants already had 350 clients.

Unfortunately, accounting practices often have to use multiple accountancy platforms so they can interface with whatever software their customers are using. Each employee had to switch between technologies many times, often within a single day, to service customers. This inhibited productivity, could cause duplication, and made it impossible to have a clear, up-to-date view of customer progress across the organisation.

“We used various systems and couldn’t keep track of information,” explained Declan Connolly, Managing Director of Connolly Accountants.

Their requirements included:
  • a centralised platform that would easily interface with other technologies
  • the ability to easily manage a vast amount of information, in different formats, for each client
  • information and correspondence tracking.

Key elements of the desired functionality included:
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • real-time management reporting
  • correspondence and diary management
  • human resources (HR).

The solution

Connolly Accountants selected FuseMetrix. It is an integrated cloud-based solution, with extremely tight security levels, that would optimise procedures for both Connolly and customer organisations.

It enhanced management, gave unfaltering business control, there were 500 logins and the operatives found it easy to use.

The results

The migration to FuseMetrix went smoothly: no information was lost and there was hardly any business disruption.

As FuseMetrix is an online platform, it has security, backup and disaster recovery facilities that outperform those available in most accounting practices.

Each operative knows they’re looking at real-time information through FuseMetrix, all the time, which improves the accuracy of their decision-making and assumptions, and helps optimise their quality of service.

All information is automatically tracked, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of human error.
FuseMetrix pioneered information-sharing in terms of giving the practice the ability to safely share certain pieces of information with clients, and to allow truly collaborative teamwork.

FuseMetrix accommodated all 500 logins, each one had a unique role and system requirements. Productivity has dramatically increased, and the business is running smoothly.