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How could every Marketing manager benefit from FuseMetrix CRM package?

25th January 2016

Fully understanding your customer’s unique requirements and business processes is the key to a successful marketing strategy that will ultimately put you ahead of your competitors. Being able to follow and monitor trends in campaigns, sales and activity will enable you to generate more leads, maintain customer satisfaction and never miss an opportunity. By implementing our FuseMetrix software you will benefit from a more efficient business structure, which gives you the control over your marketing projects and return.  
FuseMetrix has been designed as a bespoke, modular system that allows you to keep up to date with customer trends, analyse campaign effectiveness and streamline your business by setting out a clear structure for your entire team. This is done through a fully integrated system using a centralized database, allowing full visibility over the entire marketing and sales process as well as customer activity. This visibility allows you to better understand customer relationships and track return on investment.
Not only will you benefit from a more effective understanding of customers, your internal processes will also significantly improve. The centralised data and simplistic design means that the sales processes can be tracked from acquisition to close by the entire team with benefits such as diary and calendar management. Our Enterprise Resource Planning module (ERP) means that we can deliver on any functionality such as email campaign management, customer data storage, finance and accounting as well as real-time reporting on an integrated cloud-based platform. 
We work with you to gain a full understanding of your business needs before rolling out the modules you require. FuseMetrix has benefitted a number of key companies across sectors including leisure, ecommerce and manufacturing by adding value to their business and ensuring every campaign targets the right customers at the right time to maximise profitability and successfully grow your business. 

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