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Extra Info Fields - one of FuseMetrix' hidden gems!

27th November 2015

By default, FuseMetrix has a large number of fields to store data in - and if you can't see a field that you need, there are some "hidden" fields that are used less often and that we can turn on for you... All the information you would expect to be able to store about your business is possible with the standard FuseMetrix data fields; but what if the piece of data that you need to store is not catered for with the standard fields?
What about that tiny but vital piece of information about a company, or a person, or a product, or a project? Where can you store that?
Do you want to record and store all your customers birthdays, so you can send them a card? Do you want to record whether a company is part of a specific trade group or organisation? Do you want to record whether you have sent a particular customer a particular document, or letter? How do you record any of this?

Welcome to Extra Info Fields!

Extra Info fields are available in several areas of the FuseMetrix system; in Customers, in People, in Products, in Projects. If you can't see the Extra Info section where you think you should, just give us a call on 01908 522444 and speak to a member of our team about getting it enabled.

Lets look at an example: navigate to your Customer database, then to Customer Contacts (this may be called People).
If Extra Info fields are already enabled, you should see this section just underneath the main details: The Extra info section can store any number of fields of your choosing, and, as you can see, can be in a tabbed format so that you can group similar information together in a logical way.The ability to add, edit, and amend Extra Info fields is permisssion based, so you may need the correct permission to see the "Edit Layout", "Edit Links" and "Extra" buttons. You should speak to your System Administrator or to us to find out if you can have this enabled.

Lets edit the layout, and add our first Extra Info field: Click on "Edit Layout". You should see this on your screen:


The Editor has instructions at the top to help you, but to start with, lets create a Christmas Card list. We need to choose the people we are going to send a Christmas card to, which is a simple Yes/No question. A checkbox is perfect for this! 

Click on the green highlighted "New Field" text area and drag it on to the tab below. "Drop" the "New Field" text on to the tab, and you will see this:

Double-click on the words "Edit Me" and enter the name you want to call the new data: Lets call it "Christmas Card?"

Then, double-click where it says "[UNDEFINED YET]". You will see a list of all the possible field TYPES you can have for this field, like this: 

Choose the "Checkbox" field type. The result should look like this: If you make a mistake, you can easily remove the field you have created by dragging the field to the dustbin icon you can see on screen. Once you are happy, dont forget to click on the "Save" button at the top of the screen!

Now open ANY of your people records: You  should see this in the Extra info section: 

Congratulations! You have added your first Extra Info field. Now all you have to do is go through all your contacts and decide who you want to send a Christmas card to.... We'll leave that to you!

We have recently featured Filters in our News Update section, as well as ResponseMail, and now we have featured Extra Info fields; soon, we will show you how to use all three of these fantastic FuseMetrix features to send an email Christmas card to all of your contacts - well, all of those contacts you want to, of course!