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Finance Company Adopts FuseMetrix and Sees Immediate Results
Alliance Asset Management adopted FuseMetrix and saw immediate operational efficiencies and business resilience. "The most powerful improvements FuseMetrix has delivered are accurate reporting and business controls. The development of passive knowledge is a huge danger to most companies because it's based on hunches, impressions and assumptions which people gradually start to perceive as facts on which decisions are often made. From FuseMetrix reports, we can prove our statistics are accurate before making any decisions," explained the CEO of Alliance Asset Management. Read More
Indoor Skydiving Centre Sees 300% Sales Increase
Airkix, now part of iFLY indoor skydiving, adopted FuseMetrix a year after opening to improve marketing and help push profits. Within the first four months online photo and movie sales had increased by a staggering 300%, and in-built data analysis tools provided business intelligence that dramatically improved marketing. Read More
Large Online Retailer Sees 83% Fall In Incoming Emails Chasing Orders
When the band Marillion brought their retail operation in-house, they adopted FuseMetrix to improve efficiency. Distribution lead times fell by up to 90% and incoming emails chasing orders fell by 83%. Their 90,000-strong fan contact database became easy to manage. Read More
FuseMetrix Transforms Efficiency and Scalability of Group of Companies
After adopting FuseMetrix, accident management company group DAMS, McAMS and CAMS saw measurable improvements in efficiency. In the first year of use, turnover rose by 133% and profits increased by 42%. This was the compounded effect of a mixture of efficiency gains, including a 5¬10- minute reduction in the duration of each customer call requiring data entry. Read More
Leisure Retailer Sets Up and Scales Up With FuseMetrix
One of Britain¬s leading entrepreneurs, with a track record of starting and growing businesses before selling them for millions, adopted FuseMetrix to run a new leisure retailer ¬ and achieved astounding results. Within 12 months, Vape & Volts¬ head count increased to 11 as the business followed a steep growth curve. Read More
4 steps to transform your business with FuseMetrix
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How small businesses will benefit from using FuseMetrix
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Find out how the leisure industry can deliver 5* customer service using FuseMetrix
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How FuseMetrix helps you prepare for the new financial year
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Why multiple systems are damaging your business efficiency...
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